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How We Help

We begin by getting to know each student individually.  We speak with parents and caretakers to make sure we understand what the student is going through and what they need from us.  We also speak with teachers or counselors when p arents feel it would be helpful.  We then assess each child's strengths and weaknesses, and based upon our findings, we build a Hometown Learning Path that is unique for each child, providing them with the optimal learning experience.  By becoming acquainted with your child's learning style, their learning issues, and other situations that might impact a child's learning ability, our tutors are able to provide a comfortable environment that promotes confidence and targeted skills building.  

Children learn best when they feel coached, understood and encouraged.  Our tutors go the extra mile to make sure your child look sforward to their tutoring sessions at Hometown Learning Centers.

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Tutoring - Charlottesville, VA

Q: Does Hometown Learning Centers employ a unique approach?
A: We focus on two important issues.  One is the tutoring approach, and the other is the convenience and flexibility of our approach.

Q: What makes Hometown Learning Centers different from any other tutoring service?
A: At Hometown Learning Centers we are dedicated to being the ultimate resource for parents and children. Click here to see our 17 Point Plan that ensures a high quality tutoring experience for your child.

Q: What is the tutoring approach? 

A: ​The approach that we employ has several distinct elements, intended to increase the likelihood that your child improves his scholastic achievement as much as possible.  We start with an assessment process specifically intended to help us focus where its needed most, yet leverage areas where the student is already proficient.  We then create a specific learning plan, we call it a Learning Path℠.  This Learning Path℠ ensures that we sequence and cover every area that needs attention.  Unlike other providers, we then spend time in every tutoring session to address and assist current homework challenges.

Q: Is it one-on-one tutoring or group tutoring?
A:  Yes.  We ensure that your child receives the specific attention that he/she needs. 

Q: What makes your tutoring “unique and effective”?

A: Our approach is personalized and data-driven. We use an assessment to determine your student’s areas of strength and weakness. We then create an individualized Hometown Learning Path℠ to guide your child to proficiency in every topic and to ensure your student’s unique needs are being met. During each tutoring session, we gather data on your child’s progress to guarantee improved subject mastery, study skills, and even self-confidence. Periodically we reassess to make sure real progress is being made.

Q: How long is a typical tutoring session?  
A: Length of session is a very important aspect of successful tutoring.  Younger students may find it difficult to focus for more than 30 minutes, while older students should be able to stay focused for up to an hour.  Learning math for example, may be thought of as a process similar to learning to play the piano.  Frequent sessions of limited duration are more effective for long-term learning than long sessions, especially when the student is in a formative phase.  When effectiveness wanes, learning progress stalls, students experience frustration, and the accompanying negative experience reinforces a defeatist attitude.  So to sum it up, frequent but shorter sessions are much better than occasional but longer sessions.

Q: Do you perform any tutoring on-line?
A: The answer is yes.  We know that at times, it is too complicated for a parent to be able to bring the child into the Center, for a variety of reasons.  If and when problems arise that prevent you from bringing your child into the Center, we have the ability to perform tutoring at a distance, utilizing internet technologies for video conferencing, screen sharing and real-time touch-pad observable problem solving. We can even provide a loaner of the required iPad in those instances.  Talk to the Center Director for more details.

Q: How do I arrange for private, one-on-one tutoring?  
A: All tutoring is one-on-one and appointment based.  Customers can access the appointment calendar on-line and schedule appointments for several weeks into the future.  Some customers prefer to work with one or two tutors and we strive to make these tutors available when needed.

Q: Can I be seated with and work with my child during tutoring sessions?  
A:  We believe that effective tutoring is best accomplished when the child and the tutor develop a professional relationship, especially when the child can demonstrate responsible interactions.  We operate in a transparent manner and parents are welcome to remain at the center in our comfortable reception areas and take advantage of our free WiFi connection during the time that their child receives tutoring if they wish.  Alternatively, many parents take advantage of the opportunity to multi-task and shop at nearby stores while we work with their child.


About Us

Q: Who are your tutors?
A: We believe your child deserves our best. Therefore, every one of our tutors undergoes a  thorough and multifaceted interview process requiring a background check and a competency test. Once hired, our recurring performance evaluations and professional development ensure our tutors are always reaching their full potential.  

Q: How do you evaluate the competency of your tutors?  
A: All of our tutors must pass our tutor competency test.  Unlike other organizations that merely rely on a tutor’s self assessment, or rely on high school or college credentials, we require our tutors to take and pass our competency test.  This test focuses not just on getting the answer right, but also on the specifics of approach and procedures as required by state specific Standards of Learning (SOL).  We also conduct thorough background checks on all of our tutors. 

Q: What if my question is not on the Frequently Asked Questions page?
A: As educators, we welcome and encourage your questions! Please contact us with your question and we will provide you with a timely and informative response.


  • We believe that every child, at their core, wants to succeed in their academic endeavors.  Some children face unique challenges which limit their confidence and their performance.  We at Hometown Learning Centers understand these challenges and can work diligently to help each child grow and achieve success.

  • We believe that each child is unique as is their learning style.   Education is not one-size-fits-all.  With this belief in mind, we carefully assess each child that comes to our center and create a unique and individualized learning path.    We create an environment that celebrates the unique strengths of each student and we work toward creating an environment that supports a positive outcome.

  • We believe that In their worst moments, children deserve our best.   Hometown Learning Centers provides a safe and comfortable environment for every child.  We understand the stresses and anxieties children experience and coach our students, reassuring them and helping them gain confidence in their ability to be life-long self-learners.