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How We Help

We begin by getting to know each student individually.  We speak with parents and caretakers to make sure we understand what the student is going through and what they need from us.  We also speak with teachers or counselors when p arents feel it would be helpful.  We then assess each child's strengths and weaknesses, and based upon our findings, we build a Hometown Learning Path that is unique for each child, providing them with the optimal learning experience.  By becoming acquainted with your child's learning style, their learning issues, and other situations that might impact a child's learning ability, our tutors are able to provide a comfortable environment that promotes confidence and targeted skills building.  

Children learn best when they feel coached, understood and encouraged.  Our tutors go the extra mile to make sure your child look sforward to their tutoring sessions at Hometown Learning Centers.

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About Us


  • We believe that every child, at their core, wants to succeed in their academic endeavors.  Some children face unique challenges which limit their confidence and their performance.  We at Hometown Learning Centers understand these challenges and can work diligently to help each child grow and achieve success.

  • We believe that each child is unique as is their learning style.   Education is not one-size-fits-all.  With this belief in mind, we carefully assess each child that comes to our center and create a unique and individualized learning path.    We create an environment that celebrates the unique strengths of each student and we work toward creating an environment that supports a positive outcome.

  • We believe that In their worst moments, children deserve our best.   Hometown Learning Centers provides a safe and comfortable environment for every child.  We understand the stresses and anxieties children experience and coach our students, reassuring them and helping them gain confidence in their ability to be life-long self-learners.