When You Can't Come To The Tutor, Our Tutors Come To You-Online!

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​Distance Learning - Charlottesville, VA

When You Can't Come To Our Tutors, Our Tutors Come To You


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​​Online Tutoring 

Every parent knows how difficult it is to find the time to fit in everything on their child's schedule, especially during the school year.  That is where distance learning can be of particular assistance to you.  In every effort to help our parents help their children, Hometown Learning Centers in Charlottesville, VA is now offering our students a distance learning option.  While we encourage our students to come into the center as many times a week as they possibly can, we also understand that sometimes it is just not possible.  Our distance learning program utilizes the latest technologies for video conferencing, screen share, and real-time touch-pad observable problem solving. 

There are many benefits to utilizing this approach.   Initially, your student will be familiar with our tutors and will experience the continuity so important to learning even when lessons are completed online.   In addition, you can fit in that extra tutoring session without leaving your home.  Perhaps soccer practice isn't over until 7:30 and your child still hasn't had dinner, let alone completed homework assignments.  That is when you will really appreciate our distance learning option.  

Call our center to find out how our distance learning program works and how you and your child can take advantage of our distance learning programs.  434-529-8501