Are you a homeschooling family?  Or, are you thinking about beginning the homeschool experience and don't know where to start? Hometown Learning Centers is here to help.  While there are many questions to ask and decision to make, you can be certain that we can help support your child's learning experience in math, reading, writing (language arts) and other needs as they arise.  We know how to help your child feel good and fulfilled throughout their homeschool experience.

We are proud to offer math curriculum courses in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I, including proprietary study programs.  If your busy schedule did not allow you to register for our fall courses, we offer supplemental tutoring to help your child catch-up in order to be integrated into the class as it progresses.  In addition, we can help your homeschooler in all levels of math. reading/writing, and language arts.

Call us to find out more about how we can be a valuable resource to your homeschool family.


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