​Junior's SAT Prep - Charlottesville, VA

Juniors- SAT Preparation

One and Done!

Juniors, join the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of your classmates nationwide who will avoid the need for taking the SAT during their Senior year.  Its absolutely true.  The College Board reports every year that more than 1/3 of all graduating Seniors did not need to re-take the SAT test in their Senior year.  Last year alone, 621,000 graduating Seniors took the test as a Junior and were “One and Done.”

How did they accomplish that?  Not by luck.  These Seniors decided when they were Juniors to prepare ahead of time and approach the March, May or the June test with the determination and preparation that would enable them to perform at a peak level.  

At Hometown Learning Centers, we have created a 36-hour preparation course designed with these Juniors in mind.

Unlike other courses that are self-guided, or worse, delivered over the internet to thousands of Juniors without regard to their individual strengths and needs, our course is delivered in person, by expert instructors.  We get to know our students, and we tailor instructional content to help the student maximize the benefit of this course by enhancing strengths and by addressing areas of weakness.  Nearly everything on the SAT has been previously taught to the student, but time has a way of dulling memories and eroding problem solving skills.  This course restores the student’s command of subject matter and addresses test management strategies and test-taking tips. Ample opportunity for test practice is also included.

We have the flexibility to allow for make-up sessions, and we can implement a technology solution for those instances when an in-person session isn’t possible, either because of illness, vacation, or personal reason.

This comprehensive, 36-hour course is affordably priced at $1,125, and we have various payment options.  Call today for more information.  Courses are forming now for the March, 2017 SAT test session.  Act now to help make your next SAT Test your last.