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Did You Know That.....

  1. Math is a foundational skill necessary for both academic and lifelong success. Whether your child just needs a helping hand to build that foundation or is looking to be challenged through further enrichment, Hometown Learning Centers of Charlottesville is the place for your tutoring needs! 
  2. Before we begin our tutoring process, we create a personalized Hometown Learning Path℠ for each child because we know every child is unique. With carefully built learning assessments, we are able to target your child’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any gaps in knowledge, so that we can develop the most efficient and productive tutoring path for him or her. Our end goal is to help your child become a better student with a love of learning, improved or renewed confidence in their skills, and a true appreciation for mathematics. 

Give us a call today to get more information about our tutoring programs in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Calculus. Our service is flexible, affordable, and effective.  

Why Math Matters

  • Students and parents often become frustrated by mathematics courses, wondering how the subjects they learn in the classroom will be applied to “real life” or their career goals. Even if your child does not plan to become a rocket scientist or the like, an understanding of the logic and beauty of mathematics will open doors down the road. While solving a complex algebra or calculus problem might seem like a waste of time to your child, a grasp of problem-solving and understanding rates of change in daily life will take your child far in life. 

  • As the world becomes more technology-driven, a strong foundation in mathematics is becoming even more crucial to the success of our children. We are currently preparing our children for careers that have yet to be created; a strong foundation of mathematical understanding is the first step to ensuring they will be successful in whatever the jobs of the future will become. Mathematics not only improves logical and problem-solving ability, but also demands focus, energy, and patience.

  • As a parent, preparing your child for a career that might not even exist until 2025 can be stressful. We are here to help. Whether they will become Personal Digital Curators, Microbial Balancers, Alternative Currency Speculators, Crowdfunding Specialists, Robotic Integration Authorities, or any number of other exciting opportunities, we can help provide your child with the strongest foundation possible in all of the basic subjects—math, reading, and language (computer language too!). Adding in high emotional and social intelligence will help your child master the skill set for success. 

Hometown Learning Centers offers affordable, flexible, and effective programs to help bring your child into the future. We will help your child meet the future with confidence and security. Why? Because we really do care. 

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