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October, 2016

​​Preparation for Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent / Teacher conferences are upcoming. Now is the time for Mom and Dad to prepare.
We write this article to offer our suggestions about some important questions that you might want to ask your child's teachers. Below you will find a list of questions you might like to think about prior to the conference.  The list contains questions about academic performance, as you would expect. But it also includes questions about behavioral and interpersonal skills.

Look over this list. We consulted with parents and teachers alike. We believe that now is the perfect time of the year to come to grips with issues, while there is still plenty of time to implement improvements and interventions.

Let us know if you would like to talk to one of our professionals in advance of your upcoming conference. We will schedule a time for you to visit or talk by phone with one of our tutors. Together we can help you prepare to have a constructive conference with your child's teacher. Its our way of living up to our motto: Helping Parents Help Their Children.™ You can reach us seven days a week at 434 529 8501


1) If your child is beyond the academic performance of most peers, what does the teacher do to ensure that your child is challenged and engaged when much of the teacher’s time is focused on underperforming students?

2) If your child is struggling with certain academic concepts, what suggestions does the teacher have for the parent and student to improve performance?

3) Based on the teacher’s experience to date with your child, and knowing what academic concepts your child will be introduced to in the coming months, does the teacher foresee particular issues that might be a challenge for your child? Are there basic skills that we need to review at home to prepare for a topic coming up in the future?


4) Ask the teacher to describe your child’s behavior in the classroom, versus break times, lunch, etc. Is your child attentive? Is he curious? Does your child persevere when challenges arise? 

5) Does your child volunteer?

6) Is your child confident?

7) Is your child honest?


8) From what you have seen, does your child interact with others well?

9) Is your child shunned by any particular group of students?


10) What can I do outside of the classroom to support what you are doing in the classroom?

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