Does your child love to read?  Or, does your child struggle every time they are asked to pick up a book?  Some of the smartest children we know struggle with reading. That is when tutoring in reading and writing can become a life-long gift.  

Reading can be a battle or an adventure. Children often seem to love it or hate it. Reading is often more than just a magical adventure in words, spurring on learning and creativity. If your child struggles with reading, writing, or the language arts they might benefit from some tutoring. Children often learn a distaste for books and reading simply because they need a little help with their reading skills. Help your child become a life-long lover of reading, learning, and curiosity.

Reading is fundamental to all academics.  When a child can read, the door to the future opens wider.  All academic subjects require the skills of reading. Here at Hometown Learning Centers, we understand what it takes to help your child become confident in their reading and writing abilities.  We limit the stress and anxiety and provide certified tutors who know how to help your child feel pride by gaining skills on a daily basis.

At our learning center, your child can come in for tutoring as many times a week as necessary.  Our programs are not only flexible, they are affordable as well.  Beginning with an assessment, we define the specific areas where your child needs assistance in reading and writing and begin there.  Step by step, we build your child's reading and writing skills, thus providing them with a life-long opportunity to achieve in all their academic endeavors.

Give Hometown Learning Centers a call today to find out how we can help you if your child is struggling with Language Arts. We are here to listen and provide solutions.

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  "Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

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