Key eligibility requirements and performance measurements are as follows:


  • All candidates will be “pooled” by high school (or homeschool) graduation year, regardless of when they take the SAT exam or when they receive their test preparation from HLC. 

  • All candidates must be SAT test prep customers of HLC.

  • All candidates must register and take an official SAT during the calendar year.

  • Candidates must supply HLC with copies of scores from SAT tests taken both before (Baseline) and after (Final) receiving HLC SAT test prep services.  (PSATs will be acceptable for Baseline, but will be adjusted to corresponding SAT equivalent. )

  • Candidates grant to HLC the right to use their names, images testing results, and identity for any reasonable commercial purpose of HLC.

  • Employees of HLC and immediate family members of HLC are not eligible to participate in this scholarship program.


  • Points are awarded to students for two broad categories of performance: Test Performance and Personal Attributes.

  • Test Performance points will be computed for all candidates. 

  • The top 5 scoring candidates will be considered “semi-finalists.” These five will be ranked in accordance with their Test Performance score totals. 

There are four categories of Test Performance points:

  • Total Raw Score improvement.  Raw Score is the HLC computed number of correct answers on the SAT.    The Score reports released by the College Board do not indicate how many correct answers are given by a student.  But reasonable estimates are possible using past Raw Score Conversion tables as a guide for Math, and incorporating Section Scores for Reading and Writing.  100 HLC Scholarship points will be awarded for every question that is answered correctly on the Final SAT over and above the total for correct answers on the Baseline test.

  • SAT User Percentile improvement.  Each SAT reports a composite calculation of the student’s national percentile ranking for test takers “who usually take the test.”  10 HLC scholarship points are awarded for each percentile improvement of the entrant.

  • Best improvement in a Subscore.  The SAT reports on 7 Subscores.  Each of these Subscores are reported on a scale from 1 to 15. Added together these Subscores can total from 7 to 105. 5 HLC scholarship points will be awarded for the total of Final Subscore totals over the Baseline total.

  • Final SAT score.  Points are awarded to entrants based on their final SAT score.  The higher the final score, the more points are added.  This is the only component that is not an “improvement” measure.

HLC SAT instructors will evaluate all candidates based on various factors such as punctuality, cooperation, completion of homework, attitude, motivation, and effort will be evaluated.  
Should there be less than a 1,000 Test Performance point difference between any of the ranked top 5 semifinalists, HLC will adjust rankings based on the results of item 4 above at its sole discretion.
After step 5, the number 1 ranked candidate will be entitled to the $1,000 scholarship.

Details And Requirements

SAT Prep Scholarship

Hometown Learning Centers LLC

SAT Scholarship Details:

Each year Hometown Learning Centers (HLC), will award a $1,000 scholarship to at least one high school graduating Senior in the Winchester area. The scholarship is based on a calendar year cycle.  This scholarship is merit based.

HLC will consider two primary factors:  SAT Improvement and Student motivation.  Various improvement factors include raw score, subscores, final SAT score and percentile rankings.  Various motivation factors include punctuality, completion of independent work, attendance, cooperation and attitude.

HLC will conduct this scholarship contest annually.  All HLC SAT test prep participants for the March SAT test thru the December SAT test will constitute the pool of entrants only for their graduation year. 

HLC will inform and announce the winner on or about May 1 of each year.  A check in the amount of $1,000.00 will be made payable to the “Customer” of HLC with respect to the winning Student. Payment will be made on or about June 1 of each year.

Customers and Students expressly grant to HLC the unconditional right to publicize, in any manner and medium, the scholarship and relevant information relating thereto, including identity, images and pictures of the winning student.